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Hi guys, sorry, I'll probably not continue this proyect any time soon



Everything works so perfectly together here


Love this so much! The art is beautiful and the story is so unique. Would love to play through the next chapter/s.

That's good to know, you will!

I just realized this game can be played on android (at least mine) nice (:

Yeah! that's thanks to Bitsy, the engine I used. Is pretty nice!

I love the art :) 



The art style is soooo pretty and cutee! Loved the gameplay and the aesthetic! :)))

Thank you very much!

wow this is so pretty! i'm really impressed!

Thank you!

This is such a nice little game! The art is also very awesome :Đ!

I'm glad you like it!

I loved the mechanics and the gameplay, but it was kinda short. Tooooo short. But if you make more, I would really enjoy it a lot. Please, continue! Good luck!( Absolutelly loved the graphics).

And please, if you continue, make that frog's house

Hi, I will at soon as I have some time haha. The palace? Yes for sure it will be in the next chapter

this is super cute and I enjoyed playing it very much! my favourite character is the frog fisherman :)))

I'm glad you like him!!

Nice game in the same fantasy vibe from your past work, really liked the salesman’s dialogue! Also the game worked perfectly on my iphone!

I'm glad you like it and also to know that it works on phones correctly!


This is a truly lovely little game with a gently surreal fairytale vibe. The art is very charming and the writing is restrained with flashes of real poetry ("North, South, above a mountain or under the sea"). I really enjoyed playing - thanks!

Thank you for playing! I'm really happy you enjoyed the game and its flashes of real poetry