A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

 T H E  G A M E 
“Anise Flowers” is a short visual novel about a farmer and a fallen angel living together on a small farm. Will their relationship blossom? Or will greater forces pull them apart... forever?

 C O N T E N T 
30 minutes to 1½ hours of gameplay
2 fully voiced characters
5 hand-drawn backgrounds
Over 5.000 words
6 different endings:
1 romantic ending
1 friendship ending
2 neutral endings
2 bad endings

You can change the game's default font to Open Dyslexic by going to Settings-Accessibility

 C R E D I T S 
Story and art
Sasha Ines
Music and SFX
Voice of Kisabel
Mike Young
Voice of the Seer

Warning! This game contains depictions of blood and wounds

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Rated 4.6 out of 5 stars
(26 total ratings)
AuthorsSasha, Halfstar, Midge
GenreVisual Novel
Made withRen'Py
Tags2D, angel, Casual, Comedy, Fantasy, One-shot, Otome, Romance, Short
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


AniseFlowers-1.0-pc.zip 84 MB
AniseFlowers-1.0-mac.zip 49 MB


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Hello and excuse me, SashaHalfstar, and Midge. I'll be delighted if you as the developer of this videogame allowed or giving me a permission as I wanted to made an Anise Flowers fancomicbook in a traditional comicbook published form or Doujinshi. This fancomicbook will be about Anise Flowers' male protagonist and my original female character. I'll put SashaHalfstar, and Midge as the creators of Anise Flowers and not me. I'll put the characters belongs to SashaHalfstar, and Midge and not me. I'll put it as only a fanmade comic made by a fan. I hope the clever developers understand me, this is not an attempt to adapted the game into a comicbook. This is a fancomic made by fan. Thank you very much, SashaHalfstar, and Midge. I'll be glad if you allowed me. Anise Flowers' story made me as if I'm being sucked into a fairytale world. It's really like in a fairytale virtual reality even though an angel character is rare in fairytales. I't's breaking the motives of fairytale with an angel as a lover. I'm cheerful thinking of this videogame over and over. This videogame isn't a relax videogame for me. This videogame made me daydreaming and if not became cheerful.

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Ahhh this was such a lovely game! At the first playthrough I got the Friendship ending then I scrolled a little through the comments and noticed there was a romantic route which I was aware of but I didn't know how to access but now I do~~ I love Kisabel and Lettie (MC's canon name) stayed together in both endings I got, even if they weren't together something still tethered them together. Great job~!


Thank you for this tender review!
It was important to me that their friendship ending is as valid and fulfilling as the romantic one, I'm glad you enjoyed them  ♥


Just a couple of weeks ago I changed the cover to express gratitude for 500 downloads... now we are at 650+!!

Thank you so much for playing everybody :D


750+ now... wow!

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Hii! I'm in love with this game!! the characters are so lovable and the cozy atmosphere is so nice, but the end felt so bittersweet hahahah do you plan on doing an official walkthrough? I'm pretty sure my dumbass will stay crying on the friendship ending 'cause i can't unlock the romantic ending (tho I've already played every other one)


Hello! I'm so so sorry for the late reply.
I'm so happy you enjoy the game!
I actually didn't think of doing something like that but It is a great idea for players who are lost! (I think I will do it soon)
However, this is a fast walkthrough just for you to get the romantic ending:

- S P O I L E R S -
1. Help him! He needs aid...
2. I should prepare the ointment first!
3. No! You’re hurt! You have to stay here.
4. Sure! But be careful with your wing.
5. I don’t want you to leave! 

I hope this helps you! Let me know if you enjoyed the romantic ending!


okay okay okay so I finally got time to play and finish it with the romantic ending and I wanted to say THANK YOU SO MUCH AAAAAAA, by the time she said that she wanted to do *this* for a long time I wanted to say to her YES GIRL ME TOO but now I’m so happy, kisa is an absolutely sweetheart and they make such a lovely pair, thank you lots for this amazing game! <3333



Thank you for playing, you have made my day! I hope I can make you happy again in the future :D


Hi, I really enjoyed the game and I thought the art was beautiful! I especially enjoyed the background at the market. I will try to get a different ending now (I got the friendship ending the first time I played). Thank you!


Thank you for playing!
I'm glad you liked the art, it means a lot every time someone says they like it (I also really like how the market came out!)

Did you get the other ending?? :D


I haven't had the time to play again yet. But I will try soon :)

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Overall, I liked it and left me sad (I think I got the friendship ending). Since I replayed to try other endings and I spent time talking about it here, I guess we can say you did a very good job! 

And now, for the unpleasant part: ***Constructive criticism*** 

The face of Letti is creepy when she smiles. The art is not too good, apart from Kisabel which I really liked. His voice also is very good, but the Seer voice actor is too amateur. Also, if you could voice only 2 characters in a 3 characters story why leaving out the main character? Yes, she has 10x lines but seems not much of a good choice...

I didn't like much how many times there are walls of text to describe a cool scene with no visual clue for the player, however this brought to an impacful Kisabel reveal (the normal form) which was cool and unexpected (too bad the average player will have it spoiled by the screenshots). You should consider to add some image there, something subtle thou, like just shapes.


I'm glad you enjoyed playing! 

Constructive criticism it's great and I agree with most of it, the lack of visual representation was because I didn't have time to do it, so that's on me!

You said "the art is not good", would you like to elaborate on why? I was the artist for this project and I'd love to know why you feel that way

Also... you mention something about screenshots? None of the four screenshots show Kisabel's true form, where did you see it? (Please edit your comment with SPOILERS at the beginning so new players know not to read it )

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***SPOILERS*** (I guess)

Hi Sasha! I didn't realize you were the artist when I posted, otherwise I would have used another tone... sorry! 

About the screenshots, I didn't pay too much attention to the itch.io page of the game before playing, as I usually do it after I'm over with the game! I was referring to the normal form, so technically you are not spoiling anything... I just meant that based on my personal experience I wasn't expecting such a well executed (and I must say original look) for an overused concept as an angel, so I was pleasantly surprised when I saw it all at once. I just imagine that other players may enjoy it too the way I did, so you could consider to design the early phases to make this more likely? Perhaps I was just a lucky exception so don't mind me too much!

About the art, again sorry! I meant that they show signs of inexperience. There are cases when it's clear they are hasty. It's unfair to point that out on a game made for a jam, I know, but when you see Kisabel (good) and the Seer (bad) in the same screen it's almost disbelief breaking! I can't tell you in the specific "what is wrong" and "how to improve it" as I'm not a skilled artist... maybe I only have this: is it possible that the sprite of the seer is taken from a drawing on paper that is too little?

About the smiling face of Letti... yes, that smile grows contageous but maybe it's those big eyes that make it creepy? Or maybe are the separations between teeth...? Or the combination of both?

Hope I helped your professional growth with my rudeness, i'm looking forward to see more from you :)

Hey hey hey! Don't worry about it. Really, I'm not offended! The art was rush but I'm still super proud how they came out taking into consideration the time we had. 

I'm so glad you liked Kisabel's design and that you find him to be original, that makes me super happy.

About the Seer... nop? I don't know what happened, the sprite has created the same as the other ones.

About Letti's face... man, I see it now, I'll take it into consideration in the future, although I still like it in many ways :D

Thank you for the inside, I hope you get to enjoy more of my games and projects of all the other amazing people that took place in its making in the future! See-ya!!

I'm glad my criticism was taken in the right way! I'm looking forward to see more from you!  ;)


Sad but good!  I covered it in Part 2 of my Otome Jam reviews! C: Starts at 5:00.


Hi! Thank you for playing and reviewing the game, I'm happy you liked it!!




This game is a masterpiece.

You made me cheer for them the whole game. It feels bittersweet how it all ends.

I played every ending and I enjoyed every moment of it. Their relationship and how they grow together. The funny moments that hit the right time just perfectly. And the characters, especially, both being strong, but with different personalities. Perfect balance.

Just want to point out the MC. Very well-written and somehow she makes you feel closer to her for being so nice and honest. She is my favorite now ❤️

On a smaller note, the voice acting made Kisable so cute. I wanted to hug all the time🥺❤️


OMG! I'm so happy that you enjoyed our little game. 
This was my first time writing a visual novel so you have no idea the confidence boost you gave me! (I'd like to add this game wouldn't be possible without Leporine)
I hope you can enjoy more of my art and stories in the future... thank you!


Aww this was short and sweet! Loved it !


We are so glad you enjoy it! Thanks :D

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thank you for the video!


I have to agree with Amberbaum below, Kisabel's design is absolutely gorgeous! I don't wanna spoil anything, but let's just say I thought even more so after what happened :3 Very beautiful!


Thank you for not spoiling! Hahaha

I'm so glad you liked the game and Kisabel's design. Your comment means a lot to us!


Aw. That was very nice. I really like Kisabel's design and color-scheme. Reminds me of dusk or the night-sky.


Awww, I'm glad you like it! He was designed with lots of love!