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"Is not that easy to be a dove. Not when you have to find your lost eggs and avoid those dangerous drones..."


Arrow keys left, right to move... left, right (I know... crazy)
Press arrow up to jump hold it for a little flying

This is a small platformer I made for the  8x8 Game Jam2 (limitation:  every sprite should be 8x8 pixels or lower... so yeah every sprite in this game was made bearing in mind that.

I, the creator of this silly little game, spend almost 1 hour trying to beat the final level... And you? (I decide to make it easy after realizing maybe it was TOO difficult, so even if you win me... is only because I want you to) 

Like the last one, and probably all the games that will come, this one was tested and approved by one of the most important organizations I know; MyMom.Industries... so you know you are playing quality content.


Sound effects obtained from ZapSlap

Literary anything else: Me

Motivation: 8x8 Game Jam 3 Discord Service 


Pd, tell me if you find any errors!

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Made withUnity
Tags2D, Animals, Pixel Art, Unity


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Another great game Sasha! Even though, I may have not finished it in the hour I recorded I enjoyed it. Maybe not in an exciting or happy matter. I enjoyed it!

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Oh noooooo, you were so close to the end! I'm so happy you "enjoy" it. It was nice to see you struggle on the parts I wanted the player to have a difficult time! 

I warn you I may expect you to play all my future games if you continue being so funny about them. 

Was I? agh. I might have to replay it again then. But I probably will play your future games. Cause' you're bringing something different to the table so far that its interesting. 


Thank you! That's super sweet. I'll continue making games then!